Terrina Picarello, LPC, EMDR, Brain-Based Therapy


Licensed Professional Counseling Practice

Terrina's  experience and expertise across many disciplines enables  her to offer effective individualized outpatient psychological care and consultation. She treats a number of mental health disorders, and provides a safe and caring place for individuals, families, and couples to re-create their best life. 

Treatment Focus

Brain Based Care & Mental Health Nutrition

Terrina is a Brain Based Therapist and first looks at the function of the brain systems as a baseline for the treatment plan. Terrina works closely with the Amen Clinics and is trained as a Brain Health Coach and Mental Health Nutritionist.

In some cases, a computerized assessment of brain function, and resilience to stress is recommended.  If there are issues in these areas, a brain training program can be customized for each client.  This is very helpful in couples counseling.  Often there is a brain based issue with one or both partners and when this is addressed, many relational issues resolve. 

Integrative Care

Terrina collaborates with other Health Care Professionals to provide integrated care. Terrina accepts referrals from other mental health and medical professionals for brain typing, therapy, and consultation and review of medical records and makes outside referrals when necessary.

Counseling Intention

Terrina's intention is to facilitate individual, couples and family healing for the highest good of all concerned. Her goal is to come along side each client to support their healing journey as it unfolds one step at a time.